Distance Energy Healing

Energy flows naturally in all of us. Energy healing cleans energies, heals blockages and thus strengthens the flow of energy in the body. 
In most adults, the energy circulation has weakened due to e.g. rush, stress, emotional blockages, negative thought patterns or illness, and the energy of the environment also affects us. Even if there are no specific diseases or problems, energy healing relaxes, helps to listen to oneself and gives more vitality.

During the healing, the healer acts as a channel for high energy. Energy system cleanses and balances and fills with new clean energy, exactly what kind is needed at that moment. The effects may manifest in numerous ways. They are e.g. reduction of pain and illness, increased feeling of well-being, reduction of stress, better presence, better quality of sleep, more balanced and calm state of mind, increase in energy level...

For everyone and every time the experience is different. The treatment is very relaxing and relieves stress. 


Energy healing can also be done remotely. Bookings and inquiries by email: inna@enkeli.net


Price: 35 € / 20 min


Information about the healer


Energy Healing Research

Research has already shown interesting results. Here are some links.

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Feasibility of Energy Medicine in a Community Teaching Hospital: An Exploratory Case Series. Clear tables of results. Part shown in the TLC’s TV series the Healer (healer Charlie Goldsmith)

National Center for Biotechnology information: A 2014 review of randomized trials suggested that Energy therapy may help reduce pain and anxiety, though more research is needed.


Hindawi Evidence-Based Complementary ans Alternative Medicine: According to results from a 2011 study, in which participants had six 30-minute sessions over a period of 2 to 8 weeks, people who had Reiki felt greater mood benefits compared with people who didn't have the treatment.


National Center for Biotechnology information: A 2013 review noted that research into energy therapies, like healing touch, therapeutic touch, and Reiki "continues to demonstrate efficacy for symptoms commonly associated with cancer," including: pain, anxiety, quality of life and health function.


National Center for Biotechnology information: A pilot 2015 studyTrusted Source found that people being treated for cancer who received 30-minute sessions of distant Reiki for 5 days, in addition to regular medical care, had lower levels of pain, anxiety and fatigue.