Information about the Healer

Welcome to my website!

I am Inna Akkila, the founder, healer and trainer of Sun Health / Hyvinvointipiste Aurinko. I live in the countryside in Hamina Finland. Nature, presence, heart connection and my lovely dogs are my everyday life with energy practise.

My mission is to help people feel better and empower themselves, and at the same time make the world a lighter place for all of us. When a person feels well, it is effortless to be present in this moment, listen to yourself and make better and bolder choices. Sometimes the change or healing is like a miracle that only requires one healing session or course and sometimes it happens step by step. I feel priviledged to be able to participate in this process and thus fulfill my mission in life which also illuminates my own light brighter and brings meaning to life.

My energy healing method is mainly intuitive and I have also attended many energy trainings. My features include e.g. strong energies, high energy frequencies and the ability to understand many kinds of, even very difficult, life experiences.

Hope to meet you soon in energy level!


Some of the trainings I have taken: 

Nidra Yoga and Mantra trainings and a regular weekly group, teacher Andre Riehl 

Energy healing, energies and healthy lifestyles, teacher Charlie Goldsmith 

Medium class, teacher Lisa Williams 

Animal communication, teacher Maiccu Kostiainen 

Kundalini yoga and deepening chakra course, teachers Sat Darshan and Jivan Muktan 

Regression therapy training, teachers Riitta Räisänen, Pipsa Manninen, Attila Kupi 

Energy and meditation courses, teachers Susan Hedman, Michael Weinmann, Jonathan Evatt 

Channeling course and energy courses, teacher Pipsa Manninen 

The wisdom of Atlantis and ancient Egypt teacher training, teacher Seija Nurmi 

Indian head massage basic and advanced course, teacher Arja Hartemo 

Homeopathy studies, Transformational School of Homeopathy

Reiki 1, 2 and 3 courses started my spiritual awakening and journey. Conscious Hatha Yoga was also an important part of my development and energy work in the first years. 

The greatest teacher has been life with all its experiences and the opening of consciousness.